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Since the mid 1990’s
we have been renting bicycles:
mountain bikes,hybrids and
racing bikes.
2013: Discover the electric bike.
  • About us

    D.F.Bike with almost twenty years’ experience is the reference point for bicycle lovers throughout the entire province.
    You will find everything you need: all types of new and used bikes, clothing, and top brand accessories.

    You can also rent bicycles and electric bikes just for the day.

    Our routes

    Download our routes that start from the D.F.Bike shop (Massetana Romana district of Siena). These are beautiful and practical routes that are particularly suited to the bikes that we recommend to our customers.

    You can print them and look them up whenever you want without having to download or have any particular software.


Rent our Bikes NOW

Daily rental cost 20 ,00
Weekly rental € 100,00
Daily rental cost 20 ,00
Weekly rental € 100,00
Daily rental cost 35 ,00
Weekly rental € 210,00
Daily rental cost 30 ,00
Weekly rental € 170,00

Used bikes

Scott sportster P6
Wilier Triestina Mortirolo

Every year we renew almost 80% of our stock of bikes, purchasing new ones and selling on the ex-rental bikes.
This means we always have new bikes to ensure we can provide a reliable and quality service.

The used bikes are sold after a thorough service and cleaning. Ask us if we have a bike for your size.

  • Rent a bike

    Since the mid 1990’s we have been renting bikes: mountain bikes, hybrids and racing bikes.

    We provide a bike delivery service upon request, and the possibility of booking a guide for rides on roads as well as on mountain bikes. All the bikes are equipped with locks and puncture repair kits.

    Upon request we can provide a helmet, bags, carriers and special pedals.


    Enjoy your biking holiday without having to carry around heavy luggage: our service means you can leave your luggage in the hotel and find them at your destination at the end of the day. In this way you can plan your tour around Tuscany always taking new routes without having to worry about your bags.

    Our guides